The Earth Flower

I hate ghouls

From the Journal of Xanth Nomeda

So, after coming upon an oddly dead clearing in the very dense woods, dead in the sense that a large 40’ circle was cleared out and the grass seemed dead, we decided to have a look around. While Dark Collins and Xavitz went to check out a small path at the southern end, I decided to check out the wired structure off to the north. What I found was an old, ancient even, cemetery. Filled with Ghouls. Ghouls like to immobilize you apparently before they try to eat you. After a few agonizing moments waiting for my friends to come look for me while this ghoul was trying to eat me, they finally arrived and the fun began. Each time the ghouls hit us with their poisonous claws we couldn’t move. After having quite a time defeating the fiendish zombies, we were finally able to actually look around and investigate the graveyard.
A fresh grave (fresh corpse included) was in the front row of graves, a very thin level of dirt covering a dead elvish girl. The girl had no distinctive markings other than being a very delicate looking elvish girl. After further inspection (yes, we inspected a corpse) we found that she had deep scratches, three at a time, in her shoulders and back. She was buried with some orante jewelry, the most eye-catching was a very large gem hung with a golden necklace around her neck. Dark Collins and I decided to leave it, as neither of us are grave robbers. Xavitz on the other hand, well, I noticed the gem missing as we finished the burial (since the ghouls obviously prematurely ended the origonal burial and Dark Collins was feeling quite holy). I didn’t say anything to our paladin friend, as I didn’t wish to cause any further interruptions to our quest, and besides, “Honor Among Thieves” and all that, right?



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